Self-esteem and pride are higher values and are not understood by uncivilized and uncultured people. They do have qualities somehow resembling these but they cannot be call self esteem and pride. It is obstinacy and stubbornness which breeds evil whereas self esteem and self respect are just opposite of those qualities.

Dr. Faustus must be having lot of self esteem in himself because of his knowledge; he was proud to be a knowledgeable person, later he lost his balance and became a proud person in negative sense. He thought he was as powerful as God and could anything he desired. This tilt and turtle sense of pride made him worse than an ordinary man. He lost everything and the most important of all mercy of God.

Self-esteem and humility in gentle nature are the same qualities. Self-esteem is in being lord of all other creatures and humility is towards the creator who made him the lord of all other living things. I am proud as a human being and I have self esteem because gifted me with reason; I have the choice and can make independent decisions.

My pride is in virtue and being gentle and helpful to the human beings. My pride is not the tyranny that I can bring upon my fellow beings. My self esteem is not that I am a wealthy person and do not need other human beings around me. My Self-esteem is in my self respect and indirectly the respect for all fellow beings that are made just as I am made. I am no different than billions of people around me. It is a very superior quality which an ordinary mind can never comprehend. It may have glimpse of it but not the full light.

Education is one great thing that gives us awareness and feeling that we are the lord of all creations. That gives me pride because of my status in the universe. With this awareness, I develop one more thing and substitute the name ‘pride’ with self esteem.

It is my Self-esteem that makes me defend against evil. I fight evil with all my might because my Self-esteem bars me to deprave myself to the level of vermin cursed to crawl on their belly and live their life like that.

I am a human being and I have the pride of a man. I am educated and cultured and have the self-esteem that makes me always struggle for the virtue.

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