I am a student of engineering and working very hard to make an engineer. My self esteem drives me to work hard, if do not make an engineer; I lose many things in future. I lose the future itself, I lose a career, I lose the status in society and I lose a comfortable life. In compact words I lose life; a respectable life.

My self-esteem compels me to work hard because I want respect in the society and I need wealth for a comfortable life and I need a social circle for my intellectual satisfaction. All these things revolve around my self respect. I love my self and want to be loved by others too. How can that be? It is through my achievements in my career and social circle. I want to love others and respect others. I consider everybody equal or rather better than me.

It is my self-esteem that teaches me to be nice to all and let none to harm me. I want strength to defend myself and defend the weaker because I feel everyone has the right to live and live a peaceful life. Let nobody inflict worries on any one. It is brutal and animal act and void of mercy and humanity. It is my self esteem to be nice and brave and strong because this precious quality needs a strong defense. Unless I defend my self respect there can be no self esteem. It fizzles out in weaker people. They have no respect and no sense of pride, they always have insults, depravity and helplessness.

I couple self-esteem with power but power with gentle nature. Furious power like lion is not desirable that loves blood shed and tearing others asunder without mercy and empathy. Only a self sufficient powerful person, nation or a country can have self esteem and self respect.

Reviewing the above narration, self esteem is a big word with very vast meanings. It is not a feeling within oneself. It is manifestation of a personality that has a self esteem and the one that is void and barren of it. The very face looks different in each case. self-esteem is visible in reputation of persons, their conduct and behavior in general life.

My self esteem is my driving force in spheres of my life and I value it than any other valuable material property.



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